Float Tube Trips

float-tube-fish-close-900x600The Eastern Brook Trout is our quarry in the backcountry ponds of New Hampshire and Maine. A float tube allows you greater independence than a boat or canoe to wade and paddle closer to rising fish, becoming, almost, part of their environment.

The backcountry ponds that we fish are sometimes aerially stocked, but some are truly wild trout fisheries. Even the stocked ponds only get fingerlings, so the mature, naturalized trout are wild in appearance and attitude.

Float tube trips require some physical effort, but they are well worth the hike into the remote high country ponds. Typically, we’ll walk in up to two miles on foot trails, many of which trace old logging paths. The grades are moderate, gaining no more than 500 to 600 feet in elevation; less if you prefer an easier grade. We customize all our trips by matching a pond to your abilities and preferences. Whether you are looking for a short walk into the backcountry or are eager for a long walk to a pond seldom seen by people, we can get you there.

What we provide

The gear we provide is selected with your comfort, safety, and enjoyment in mind. Our v-boat float tubes are a smooth ride, sitting low in the water to expose you to less wind; and our fins fit just about anyone wearing either stockingfoot or bootfoot waders. It’s all comfortably packed in on lightweight, highly adjustable pack frames that are made in Maine and based on gear used by the U.S. Armed Services.

Price: $350 for one person, $375 for two people for a full day. Reserve today...

What to Bring

  • Rod, reel, and the lines
  • Waders
  • Polarized glasses
  • Headlamp for late afternoon trips
  • Hiking boot or some other rugged shoe with ankle support
  • Dry bag(s) to keep wet and dry items separate.
  • Sun screen
  • Bug dope
  • Camera (and Ziploc bags or some other storage device to keep it dry)